Thermoplastic elastomers (TPE)

Dermasol is a family of thermoplastic elastomers compounded by California Medical Innovations. Thermoplastics combine the physical properties of rubber with the processing advantages of plastic.

Dermasol feels remarkably like human flesh and is especially useful for simulating tissue in organs and body structure for practicing operations and other medical training. Dermasol offers high elongation properties, can be made in any color (including clear) and is available in a variety of durometers.

To mold Dermasol, it is heated to a temperature of ~350°F and then dispensed into a suitable, heat-resistant mold (e.g., 6061 aluminum or aluminum-filled epoxy molds).

Common End Products and Markets

Surgical Training
Realistic Body Parts
Soft Crown Protective Halo
Specialty Casts

Methods of Use


Heated Dermasol is typically dispensed into molds that can withstand ~350°F

Customizable Properties


(Custom Color Matching | Opaque, Clear, Translucent, Glow in the Dark, Flourescent, Glitter, and more)


(Shore OO20 - A25)


Other Customizable Options